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Molecular formula:I2
Reputed to be biological element and intelligent element, iodine is a kind of indispensable element for growth of human and plants. Additionally, it is also the raw material for creating inorganic or organic iodide as well as excellent catalyst of chemical reaction. Its products widely apply to food, medicine, industry, agriculture, national defence sophisticated science and technology as well as many other industries.
In medicine industry, owning powerful disinfecting and antiseptic action, iodine can oxygenize active group of bacterial cell protein and combine with protein amidogen to denature them. Thereby, it can kill bacteria, epiphyte, virus and Amoeba. Generally, it is used to produce bactericide, disinfectant, deodorant, tranquillizer, etc.
In agriculture, iodine is the raw material for producing pesticide and very useful for earth sterilization. Using iodine solution at proportion of 1: 20000 to spray and prevent disease and insect injury of vegetables, fruits and crops, promoting plants grow and increase production. In food industry, potassium iodate is the main additive of iodized salt and can improve quality of cooked wheaten food.
In industry, as the main constituent to synthesize organic fuel, iodine can be made into phthalein tar fuel. In metallurgical industry, iodine is used to refine high-purity metal. In lighting industry, iodine tungsten lamp owns powerful luminosity and saves electric energy. In sophisticated industry, iodine organic compound is the additive for manufacturing rocket fuel.

Index Item

Quality requirement



Not less than 97.5%



Not more than 0.03%



Not more than 0.014%


Involatile matter

Not more than 0.05%



   Product presents grey black and owns metal lustre. As flaky crystal or granule, it weighs a lot and owns crisp characteristics and special odor. It can volatilize under normal temperature.